Five Little Known Facts About The New York Giants

The New York Giants are one of the oldest teams in the National Football League.  Over the years the team has been involved in many famous and even legendary games.  Being located in the nation’s largest city, the Giants have obtained a following across the entire country.  A great many things are known about this popular and great NFL franchise, but here are five things you may not know about the New York Giants.

1.  When the New York Giants were founded in 1925 by owner Tim Mara, it was done with a total investment of just $500.

2.  The all time leading scorer in team history is kicker Pete Gogolak who was actually born in Budapest, Hungary.  He scored 646 points during his time as the kicker for the Giants, which was from 1966 to 1974.  During that entire time he only made one field goal that was 50 yards or longer, he also missed 11 attempted field goals of 50 yards or longer.

3.  Ray Flaherty played end for the New York Giants from 1928 to 1935.  He was so successful that upon his retirement, the Giants retired his jersey (#1).  This is the earliest reported instance of any team in professional sports retiring a jersey number.  Flaherty would go on to be a successful football coach and is credited with inventing the screen pass.

4.  No New York Giants player has played in more Pro Bowls than linebacker Lawrence Taylor.  Taylor didn’t miss a Pro Bowl from 1981 to 1990, a string of ten full seasons.

5.  Since their beginnings in 1925 through the 2009 NFL season, the New York Giants have called five stadiums their home.  From 1925 to 1955 they played in the Polo Grounds.  From 1956 to 1973 the team played in Yankee Stadium.  During the 1973 and 1974 seasons, the Giants called the Yale Bowl home.  For just one season, in 1975, Shea Stadium was the home field of the for the team.  From 1976 through 2009, the Giants have played their home games in Giants Stadium.

With a fan base that includes New York City, the entire state of New York, and a large part of New Jersey, it is no secret why there are so many New York Giants fans out there.  The team has a fascinating history that has seen it play an important part in the development of the entire league over the years.  Some of the great players to play for the New York Giants include Harry Carson, Frank Gifford, Sam Huff, Fran Tarkenton, Lawrence Taylor, Y.A. Tittle, Tiki Barber, Joe Morris, Phil Simms, and Eli Manning.  Based on the history that the Giants have been a part of so far, it is safe to say that they will go on being one of the better franchises in the NFL in the future too.

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