Five Things You May Not Know About The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings came into the league in the early 1960’s, and over the years have played in some of the league’s biggest games. From Fran Tarkenton to Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have had some of the best players too. They have had a lot of success in their history, especially during the 1970s when they were one of the toughest teams in the entire National Football League. Do you like Minnesota Vikings trivia? Here is a look at five things you may not know about the Minnesota Vikings.

1. John Randle was a star defensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings during the 1990s, known around the league for his ability to sack the quarterback. He was not picked in the draft the year he came out of college, every single team passed on him. Without a doubt there are multiple teams who wish they would have picked him instead of the many players who get drafted each year and end up not making the team.

2. The Vikings were founded as a National Football League (NFL) team in 1961 after the ownership group withdrew their application to join the rival American Football League (AFL). One change this would’ve caused had they chosen to stay an AFL team would be that they would now be an AFC team instead of an NFC team.

3. Minnesota Vikings defensive legend Alan Page had one of the more interesting careers of any former NFL player, he became a judge. This very intellectual player sure must have looked pretty imposing sitting at the front of the courtroom.

4. The 1998 Minnesota Vikings which featured Randall Cunningham at quarterback, Robert Smith at running back, and Cris Carter and Randy Moss at wide receiver was one of the more high powered offenses the NFL had seen. During the entire regular season, the team never scored less than 24 points in any of their games.

5. The Vikings were the first team to play in four Super Bowls, unfortunately they were also the first team to lose four Super Bowls. Those losses should not diminish the fact that those Vikings teams were some of the best the league had ever seen.

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