How The Kansas City Chiefs Could Have Had Matt Cassel A Long Time Ago

Matt Cassel played quarterback for the USC Trojans in college and because of very little exposure and less playing time, did not gain much notice.  He was drafted in the 2005 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots who saw in him the opportunity to mold a young quarterback into a good backup for Tom Brady.

Cassel stayed on the sidelines and watched Brady play for a few years, but got a chance to play virtually a full season when Brady sustained a serious injury.  He performed quite well and became a hot property for other teams who had a need to fill at quarterback.  A trade was eventually worked out and Cassel became the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.  In just his second season in that role, the Chiefs would advance to the playoffs after winning the AFC West Division.

The Chiefs had their chance to get Cassel long ago.  Technically so did every other team in the NFL because when New England picked him in the draft, they did so in the 7th round.  That means every other team in the league had about five to seven chances to get him and passed.  The Chiefs just missed him though.  The Patriots took him with the 230th overall pick in the draft.  Picking right before them, and also looking for a quarterback, were the Kansas City Chiefs.  They used the 229th overall pick to take quarterback James Kilian out of the University of Tulsa.  Kilian would never play a down in the NFL and one pick later Cassel would be selected by the team that the Chiefs would later have to work a deal with to get him.

Regardless of what it took to get him, the Chiefs are happy with the guy they got.  Matt Cassel is sure to help the Chiefs attain a good amount of success in the future.

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