In The Beginning, The Raiders Resembled The Steelers

The Oakland Raiders are famous for their silver and black uniforms. The silver pants, silver helmets, and either the white-with-black-numbers or black-with-white-numbers jerseys are some of the most famous football uniforms ever, and are recognizable by fans of football around the world. From the uniforms, to the signs, to the outlandishly dressed fans in the stadium, when many people hear the words “silver and black”, they automatically think of the Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders were one of the original teams of the AFL in 1960. From 1960 to 1962, the team’s first three seasons in pro football, their uniforms were actually black and gold, similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They didn’t change to the silver and black colors until Al Davis took over as head coach and general manager in 1963.

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