Jamal Lewis Is At The Top Of The Baltimore Ravens Record Book By Far

The Baltimore Ravens have only officially been in the league since 1996, and when looking at the rushing category of their team record book, it is easy to see that Jamal Lewis sits far above anyone else. Let’s look at this category-by-category (through the 2008 season).

Jamal Lewis In The Ravens Rushing Record Book

Rushing Attempts: Jamal Lewis has 1822 rushing attempts, in second place is Willis McGahee with 464.
Rushing Yards: Jamal Lewis has 7801 rushing yards as a Raven, in second place is Priest Holmes with 2,102.
Rushing Touchdowns:  Jamal Lewis had 45 rushing touchdowns during his time with the Ravens, in second place is Willis McGahee with 14.

Jamal Lewis had the advantage of being the full time running back from 2000-2006 with the Ravens, and during those years he put up some very impressive numbers. There will be other great Ravens running backs to come, but it will take them awhile to catch up with the numbers put up by Jamal Lewis.

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