Kickoff Return Futility For Tampa Bay

Kickoff Return Futility For Tampa Bay

Picture yourself a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, the excitement of the opening kickoff is approaching and you could care less. Why?

Here’s a statistical oddity, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the time of their first game in 1976 through the 2006 season have never returned a kickoff for a Touchdown. They’d done it five times in preseason games during that time, but never during a regular season game. Imagine, if you were a Bucs season ticket holder since the early days you would’ve gone over thirty years and have never seen your favorite team return a kick for a Touchdown.

You would think just by chance there would be a couple missed tackles one day, a trick reverse on the return, or maybe even a lateral filled return that would bring the Buccaneers fans to their feet. Nope. Nothin’.

Wishing luck to the Tampa Bay special teams unit,

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