Morten Andersen Dominates The List Of New Orleans Saints Single Season Scoring Leaders

Morten Andersen is a sure Hall of Fame selection in the future as he has been one of the best kickers the NFL has ever seen. A testament to his greatness is that through the 2008 NFL season, Morten Andersen is the career leading scorer for both the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons.

When looking at the list of the top ten seasons in terms of scoring in the New Orleans Saints’ history, it is impossible not to see the mark left by Morten Andersen. The top spot actually belongs to John Carney who scored 130 points in 2002. Carney also has the 7th and 9th spots on the list too. The other seven spots in the top ten are all occupied by Morten Andersen.

It also looks like Andersen’s spot on the career scoring list for the New Orleans Saints is fairly safe too considering he is in first place with 1,318 points. Second place is occupied by kicker John Carney with just a little over half that amount, 661 points. The closest active player to Andersen’s total points as a Saint is Reggie Bush with 150 points. Keep going Reggie, only 1168 points to go! (That’s only 195 touchdowns)

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