Seattle Seahawks 100 Yard Rushing Facts

100 yard rushing games are still used as a gauge of a running back’s effectiveness. Here are some facts about the Seattle Seahawks and their 100 yard rushers.

-Quarterback Russell Wilson was the 20th different player to have a 100 yard rushing game for the Seattle Seahawks when he ran for 102 yards in a loss to the Colts in 2013.

-The five players in Seahawks history to have a double digit amount of 100 yard games for Seattle are Shaun Alexander, Chris Warren, Marshawn Lynch, Curt Warner, and Ricky Watters.

-The Seahawks have had 13 players in history rush for 100 yards or more in a game more than once while with the team. The top five are listed above and after them comes John L. Williams, Maurice Morris, Russell Wilson, Julius Jones, David Sims, Derrick Fenner, Justin Forsett, and Sherman Smith.

-The Seahawks had a record of 10-1 in games when Ricky Watters ran for over 100 yards.

-Sherman Smith was the first Seahawk to have a 100 yard rushing game. He had two during his career and both times Seattle got the win.

-2005 saw Shaun Alexander become the first Seahawks player to have a double digit amount of 100 yard games in one season when he finished the year with 11. Marshawn Lynch became the second to do so in 2012 when he had 10.

-Shaun Alexander was the first Seahawks player to have four consecutive 100 yard rushing games when he did so in 2005 against the Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, and Giants. Marshawn Lynch would equal that team record when he had four consecutive against the 49ers, Lions, Vikings, and Jets in 2012.

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