Seven Little Known Facts About The QBs Of The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a very popular team and have been since they came into the National Football League in 1995. They have had a number of popular players over the years and many of them have played the position of quarterback. Here is a look at seven little known facts about the quarterbacks of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

-In 2008, quarterback David Garrard led the NFL with 288 yards lost by being sacked.

-The 20 interceptions thrown by Mark Brunell in 1996 were the most ever in one season by a Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback.

-Mark Brunell was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL during two different seasons. This happened first in 1996 with 50 and then again in 2001 when he was sacked 57 times.

-No Jaguars quarterback has thrown for more yards in one season than Mark Brunell who passed for 4,367 yards in 1996, the team’s second year in pro football.

-In David Garrard’s first year in the league he finished the season with two rushing touchdowns and just one touchdown pass. Both rushing touchdowns came in a 23-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans in October of 2002. Of note is that his only passing touchdown of the season also came against the Titans, though it happened later in the year.

-Longtime Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell was originally drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 5th round of the 1993 NFL Draft. After holding the clipboard for two seasons in Green Bay, he was traded to the Jags for two draft picks, one in the third round and one in the fifth round.

-The most rushing yards gained in one season by a Jaguars quarterback is 396. Mark Brunell did this in 1995, which was also the team’s first year in the league.

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