Some Great Facts About The San Diego Chargers

Here are some little known facts about the San Diego Chargers. Okay, some may be known or guessable, but we’ll try and give you something you may not have known before about the Chargers quarterbacks through history.

The quarterback who has led the Chargers in passing the most consecutive years is obvious… Dan Fouts. From 1978 through the 1987 season, a total of ten years, Dan Fouts was the passing leader for this team that was known to throw the ball more than just a little bit. But, if it were not for James Harris leading the team in passing in 1977, Fouts’ record would’ve been even more impressive as he was also the Chargers leading passer from 1973-1976.

In a close second to that team record is former quarterback John Hadl who led the Chargers in passing in each season from 1964 through 1972, for a total of nine consecutive seasons. But, who is in third place in that department? Not quite as legendary, but in third place falls former Chargers quarterback Stan Humphries who led the team in passing from 1992 through 1997 for a total of six seasons.

The Chargers have been around for just shy of forty seasons, so here is an interesting bit of info… how many different quarterbacks have led the Chargers team in passing for only one season. This is an interesting thought… it could be a backup who got a chance to start because of an injury, it could be a free agent that didn’t work out, it could be a highly touted rookie that didn’t pan out, or any number of other reasons. But, the answer is: 10. Ten times in the Chargers history has a quarterback led the team in passing over the course of a season and then never done it again.

Those ten quarterbacks and the years they did it:

1963 – Tobin Rote
1977 – James Harris
1988 – Mark Malone
1989 – Jim McMahon
1990 – Billy Joe Tolliver
1991 – John Friesz
1998 – Craig Whelihan
1999 – Jim Harbaugh
2000 – Ryan Leaf
2001 – Doug Flutie

With Phillip Rivers at the helm, it seems like the Chargers quarterbacking duties are sewn up for awhile… but, you never know.

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