Some Interesting Info On The Seattle Seahawks Defense

While a potent offense is strong, an NFL team cannot expect to win many games if they don’t also have a potent defense. Here is a look at some notable information about the Seattle Seahawks defense over the years.

-The highest any Seahawks defensive unit has been ranked in the NFL in terms of fewest points given up is 5th. They did this twice, first in 1982 and then again two years later in 1984.

-The most career interceptions by a Seahawks player is 50 by former defensive back Dave Brown.

-Jacob Green has more sacks, with 97.5, than any other Seahawks player.

-No defensive player has played more games for the Seahawks than defensive lineman Joe Nash has with 218 during his career.

-Defensive back Dave Brown also holds the Seahawks record for most defensive touchdowns in his career with five.

-The longest any Seahawks defensive player has returned an interception for is 91 yards, this was done by Sammy Green who only played for the team from 1977 to 1979.

-No Seattle Seahawks player has forced more fumbles than Michael Sinclair who did so 25 times over the course of his career.

-Only one player has ever returned or recovered three or more fumbles for touchdowns in their Seahawks career, that mark of three belongs to linebacker Chad Brown.

-Longtime Seahawks defensive back Eugene Robinson has more career tackles as a Seahawks player than anyone else with 942.

-Safeties are somewhat rare in football, but one Seahawks player has actually been credited with two of them. Rod Stephens is credited with two safeties during his Seahawks career.

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