Sunday, October 1st 1995 – The Jacksonville Jaguars Get Their First Win

There are a number of important victories that a franchise can point to in its past, but few are as important as that first win.

The Jacksonville Jaguars began play in 1995 as an expansion team along with the Carolina Panthers. The NFL hadn’t expanded since the mid-1970s when it had added the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team started the year off with four straight losses to the Oilers, Bengals, Jets, and then Packers. In week five though, in the first game that the Jaguars would be playing an opponent for the second time, the Jaguars extracted revenge from the Oilers in a 17-16 road win.

In the game, Jacksonville had built up a 10-0 lead before eventually falling behind 16-10. Desmond Howard caught a fourth quarter touchdown pass from quarterback Mark Brunell, and when Mike Hollis connected on the extra point it gave the team a 17-16 lead and eventual win over the Oilers.

-The Jaguars managed just 174 yards passing and 68 yards rushing in the game.

-Both the Oilers and Jaguars lost two fumbles, threw an interception in the game, and had seven penalties called on them.

-The leading rusher in the game for Jacksonville was James Stewart who ran the ball 11 times for 23 yards.

-Willie Jackson was the leading receiver in the game for Jacksonville, he caught six passes for 48 yards.

To many this appears to be just a one-point victory in the middle of an NFL season. For the Jacksonville Jaguars though, this was the first of many victories to come. There have been good and bad years since that day in 1995, but no one can take away the significance of a franchise’s first win ever.

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