The 2007 Carolina Panthers Depressing Passing Touchdown Story

When you look at the performances of all the quarterbacks that got into games during the 2007 NFL season for the Carolina Panthers, one thing stands out. Their lack of touchdown production. Now, as a team they did throw 19 touchdown passes which is more than one a game, but here is something interesting.

The Carolina Panthers had four different quarterbacks see playing time during the 2007 season:

Vinny Testaverde saw the most action starting six games and throwing 94 completions in 172 attempts for 5 touchdowns.

David Carr saw the next most action with 73 completions in 136 attempts and 3 touchdowns.

Matt Moore saw the next most action with 63 completions in 111 attempts and 3 touchdowns.

And the fourth quarterback to see the most action in terms of passes thrown was starter Jake Delhomme who had 55 completions in 86 attempts. Delhomme only played in three games during the 2007 season due to an injury, but it is too bad because out of the four quarterbacks who saw action, the quarterback who threw for the most touchdowns was also the quarterback who threw the fewest amount of passes for the Panthers in 2007. Yes, Delhomme threw for 8 touchdowns in his three games.

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