The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback With The Most Wins In Team History

The Cardinals franchise is one of the oldest teams in the National Football League, dating back to the 1920 season. Through the years, the team has had good and bad results, and they have also played in three different cities: Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix.

The team has had a number of highly thought of quarterbacks over the years, but which ones have amassed the most victories in the games they have started?

Third Place – 36 Wins

The player with the third most wins in team history is Charley Johnson. He played quarterback for the team through the bulk of the 1960’s and finished his career with an above.500 record.

Second Place – 47 Wins

Sitting in second place in Cardinals team history for wins for a starting quarterback is Neil Lomax who was the passer for the team during most of the 1980’s. He had a lot of talent and if there had been just a little more talent on the team that was put around him, they may have had more success.

First Place – 87 Wins

Charley Johnson quarterbacked the team during the 1960’s and Neil Lomax did so during the 1980’s. Bridging those two players, playing for the team from 1967 to 1983, and ending up with the most wins in team history for a quarterback is Jim Hart. Hart was known for a very strong arm and amazing durability. He is still remembered fondly in St. Louis, the city where he played while with the team.

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