The Best Oakland Raiders Rookie Quarterback Ever

Over the years, the Oakland Raiders have had some great quarterbacks.  George Blanda would seemingly play forever and end up in the Hall of Fame, Darryle Lamonica is a legend, Jim Plunkett would quarterback the team to two Super Bowl triumphs, and Rich Gannon would win a league MVP award at the position.  None of those great players were drafted by the Raiders though and none spent their rookie seasons with the team.

Who was the Raiders greatest rookie quarterback ever?

The best passing game ever had by a Raiders rookie quarterback came in 1988 when a young Steve Beuerlein went 19 of 38 for 375 yards and two touchdowns.

The Raiders have never had a rookie quarterback start every game of his rookie season, but 1988 saw Beuerlein start eight games that year and throw for 1,643 yards.  In 2006, Andrew Walter also started eight games, and he topped Beuerlein’s totals by throwing for 1,677 yards.  Walter had three touchdowns and 13 interceptions though which does not compare well to Beuerlein’s eight touchdowns and seven interceptions during his rookie year.

The best season ever put together by an Oakland Raiders rookie quarterback though happened in 1960, the team’s first year in professional football.  That season saw a 23 year old rookie quarterback named Tom Flores start 12 games, complete 54 percent of his passes, and throw for 1,738 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Flores would go on to be the main quarterback for the Raiders through the early 1960’s and would later become their head coach, leading them to the Super Bowl.

Quarterbacks who have started games for the Raiders during their rookie seasons include Tom Flores in 1960, Mike Rae in 1976, Steve Beuerlein in 1988, Todd Marinovich in 1991, Billy Joe Hobert in 1995, Andrew Walter in 2006, and JaMarcus Russell in 2007.

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