The Best Quarterbacks In The History Of The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL‘s greatest franchises. The team has had a number of successful years during their existence, as well as some tough times too. More often than not though, the Bears have been known for their stellar defensive play, as well as their great running backs.

Who though are the best Chicago Bears quarterbacks of all time.

No quarterback played in more games for the Bears than Sid Luckman did. From 1939 to 1950, Luckman appeared in 128 games for the team.

When it comes to passes attempted and passes completed, Jim Harbaugh is at the top of the list for Chicago with 1,023 completions on 1,759 attempts.

Of quarterbacks who appeared in 16 or more games for the Bears, the best when it comes to completion percentage included Chris Chandler (59.5%), Erik Kramer (58.6%), Jim Miller (58.5%), Jim Harbaugh (58.2%), and Jim McMahon (57.8%).

Sid Luckman is again at the top of the list in the career passing yards list with 14,686. Harbaugh is second with 11,567 and McMahon is third with 11,203.

With 137 total touchdown passes, Luckman tops that category too. Billy Wade is in second with 68 and Jim McMahon is third with 67.

The best quarterback rating belonging to a regular quarterback for the Bears is 80.7 and belongs to Erik Kramer. This barely edges out Jim McMahon’s 80.4 that he put during his time with the team.

The Bears are known for their defensive teams, especially their linebackers, and their great running backs. The team has not had the greatest selection of quarterbacks over the years, but the best of what they have had are Sid Luckman, Jim Harbaugh, Jim McMahon, and Erik Kramer.

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