The Best Washington Redskins Rookie Quarterbacks Of All Time

The Washington Redskins began way back in 1932 in Boston and have had a number of great players, coaches, and participated in so many great games over the years. They’ve had some great quarterbacks over the years too. Succeeding as a rookie quarterback in the NFL is tough. Here is a look at the best rookie quarterbacks in Washington Redskins history.

#5 – 1952 – Eddie LeBaron

At the age of 22 in 1952, Eddie LeBaron would complete 96 of 194 passes for 1,420 yards and 14 touchdowns.

#4 – 2002 – Patrick Ramsey

In 2002, Patrick Ramsey would complete 117 of 227 passes for 1,539 yards and nine touchdowns.

#3 – 1988 – Mark Rypien

Mark Rypien would come out of Washington State University in 1988, and though he would just start six games for the Redskins, he would see action in nine total games and put up very good numbers. He finished the year with 114 completions on 208 attempts for 1,730 yards and 18 touchdowns.

#2 – 1961 – Norm Snead

In 1961, a 22 year old Norm Snead would start all 14 games the Redskins would play, and he would complete 172 of 375 passes for 2,337 yards and 11 touchdowns.

#1 – 2012 – Robert Griffin III

2012 saw the Redskins turn the team over to Robert Griffin III. He would go 9-6 as the starter while completing 258 of 393 passes for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns, and just five interceptions.

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