The Buffalo Bills All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

A running quarterback can at times be a game changer that a defense has a hard time dealing with. Running quarterbacks are not all that common though. What quarterback has rushed for more yards for the Buffalo Bills than any other quarterback? The answer is Joe Ferguson.

Joe Ferguson carried the ball 339 times for 1,174 yards during his career. He averaged 3.5 yards a carry and 7.2 yards per game rushing. He scored 10 rushing touchdowns during his career and his longest run from scrimmage was 41 yards. On the Buffalo Bills all time rushing yards list he is ranked at 18th, just ahead of Roosevelt Leaks and Fred Jackson and just behind Robb Riddick and Darick Holmes.

Here is a look at where other Bills quarterbacks rank on the team’s all time rushing yards list:

22nd – Jim Kelly (1986-96)
27th – Doug Flutie (1998-2000)
29th – Jack Kemp (1962-69)
30th – Rob Johnson (1998-01)
40th – J.P. Losman (2004-08)
50th – Daryle Lamonica (1963-66)
59th – Bruce mathison (1985)
62nd – Trent Edwards (2007-09)
75th – Todd Collins (1995-97)
80th – Drew Bledsoe (2002-04)

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