The Cardinals And Jim Hart’s Amazing Run In The Sack Percentage Category

Sack percentage is a statistic that is not followed very closely by many football fans. The percentage basically tracks how often a quarterback is sacked based on how many times he drops back to pass. It is figured out statistically as the number of times sacked divided by the quarterbacks passing attempts plus times sacked (times sacked)/(passing attempts + times sacked). The lower the number, the less times the quarterback is sacked overall.

The 1970s St. Louis Cardinals had a great offensive line that included Conrad Dobler, Tom Banks, Bob Young, and Dan Dierdorf. How good were they? During a three year run lasting through the 1975, 1976, and 1977 NFL seasons, Cardinals’ quarterback Jim Hart would lead the league in the category of sack percentage. For those who don’t put a lot of credence in how much better an offensive line can make a team, this allowed the otherwise mediocre Cardinals to become a playoff team.

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