The Career Passing Leaders Of The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots came into pro football as part of the American Football League in the 1960s. They then merged with the rest of the AFL teams into the NFL in 1970. Over the years they have had some great quarterbacks that have put up some impressive passing numbers in games, seasons, and their whole careers.

Here is a look at the career passing leaders of the New England Patriots.

-No player has completed more passes in one season for the New England Patriots than Drew Bledsoe. During the 1994 season, at the age of 22, Bledsoe completed 400 passes.

-Tom Brady has set a number of team passing records during his time with the team. Including the fact that he has completed more passes in New England history than anyone else with 2,655 completions through the 2009 season.

-Tom Brady also holds the Patriots team record for most passing yards in one season with 4,806 yards in 2007.

-Through the 2009 season, Brady has edged Drew Bledsoe as the Patriots quarterback who has thrown for the most career passing yards. 2009 saw him pass the 30,000 yard mark.

-In 2007, Tom Brady set the NFL and New England record for most touchdown passes in one season with an amazing 50. This is 19 more than the second most ever by a Patriots quarterback when Babe Parilli threw 31 touchdowns in 1964. It even stands tall over Tom Brady’s second best year which was 2004 and 2009 when he threw for 28 touchdowns.

-Tom Brady also holds the record for the most career touchdown passes. Through the 2009 season he has thrown for 225.

-Drew Bledsoe and Babe Parilli are tied for the most interceptions thrown in one season by a Patriots quarterback. Parilli in 1964 and Bledsoe in 1994 each threw 27 interceptions.

-The career leader in interceptions thrown by a player playing quarterback for the New England Patriots is Steve Grogan who threw 208 during his time with the team.

-The player holding the record for the most rushing yards in a season by a Patriots quarterback is Steve Grogan. In 1978, Grogan carred the ball 81 times for 539 yards.

-The all time leading rusher at the quarterback position for the Patriots is also Steve Grogan. He gained 2,176 yards for the team during his 16 years with the team. In fact, Grogan ranks 16th on the all time rushing yards list for the team, just ahead of Andy Johnson and Ron Burton and just behind Carl Garrett and Mosi Tatupu.

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