The Career Passing Leaders Of The Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins have been competing in the National Football League since 1932. Over the years, the team has had a number of very good quarterbacks. Here we’ll explore the career passing leaders for the Redskins in a number of categories.

Passing Yards
Joe Theismann quarterbacked the Redskins from 1974 to 1985 and during that time he passed for 25,206 yards, which is more than anyone else. Sonny Jurgensen is in second on the list with 22,585 yards, and Sammy Baugh is third with 21,886 yards.

Attempts and Completions
The same order stays true for the category of attempts and completions, with Joe Theismann leading the way (2044/3602), followed by Sonny Jurgensen (1831/3155), and then Sammy Baugh (1693/2995).

Touchdown Passes
Sammy Baugh and his 187 career touchdown passes for the Redskins leads the touchdown pass category. Next on the list is Sonny Jurgensen with 179 TD passes, and Joe Theismann is in third with 160 touchdown passes.

No Washington Redskins quarterback has thrown more interceptions than Sammy Baugh who racked up 203 during his time with the team. Joe Theismann is second on the list again with 138 interceptions and then Sonny Jurgensen is third with 116.

Longest Pass
Three different Redskins quarterbacks tie for the lead in the category of longest pass thrown, each with a 99 yarder to their credit. The three quarterbacks holding that record are Frank Filchock (1938-45), George Izo (1961-64), and Sonny Jurgensen (1964-74).

Passing Yards Per Game
The Redskins quarterback to lead the career yards per game category is Brad Johnson who averaged 232.5 yards per game during his time with the team. Second on the list is Trent Green at 215.1 yards per game. Third on the list belongs to Doug Williams with 207.1 yards per game. Todd Collins actually has the second highest average with 222 yards per game, but since he only played in four games for the Redskins, he didn’t qualify for our list (we decided to use a 16 game minimum to qualify).

Quarterback Sacks
No Washington Redskins quarterback was sacked more than Joe Theismann. During his career, Theismann was sacked an amazing 340 times. Billy Kilmer is in second place on the list with 117 sacks, and Sonny Jurgensen is third with 94. In all fairness to Joe Theismann, sacks were not kept as a statistic before the early 1970s, so other players could be closer to or surpass his number.

As expected, three of the longest serving quarterbacks in Washington Redskins history seem to dominate most of the team’s career passing records. Joe Theismann, Sonny Jurgensen, and Sammy Baugh all put their mark on the team too. Other notable quarterbacks who have thrown passes as members of the Redskins include Mark Rypien, Doug Williams, Billy Kilmer, Brad Johnson, Todd Collins, Trent Green, Gus Frerotte, Jason Campbell, Eddie LeBaron, Norm Snead, Jay Schroeder, Mark Brunell, Patrick Ramsey, Frank Filchock, Heath Shuler, Tony Banks, Al Dorow, Shane Matthews, Jeff George, John Friesz, Tim Hasselbeck, Stan Humphries, George Izo, Jeff Hostetler, Rich Gannon, Danny Wuerffel, Jeff Rutledge, Cary Conklin, Galen Hall, Kent Graham, Rodney Peete, Jim Hart, Rob Johnson, and David Archer.

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