The Career Receiving Leaders Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. They have experienced good years and bad years, but are probably best remembered for their four Super Bowl victories in six seasons during the 1970s. The team would add another Super Bowl trophy to their collection in 2005. Through most of the team’s history they have been known as a running team, featuring great running backs like Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis. The team has had a number of very good wide receivers though, but which Pittsburgh receivers sit atop the various career receiving categories in Steelers history?

Receiving Yards
The career leader in receiving yards is also a fan favorite. Hines Ward has worked hard and caught a number of passes to place himself ahead of everyone else in the receiving yards category. In second place is John Stallworth, followed by Louis Lipps, and then Lynn Swann.

Games Played
No Pittsburgh Steelers receiver has played in more games that John Stallworth. Stallworth was an integral member of those great 1970s Pittsburgh team and continued playing for the team into the 1980s, eventually retiring having played in 165 games. This record will most likely not last long as Hines Ward is still active on the team and has played in 162 games.

The career leader in receptions for the Pittsburgh Steelers is once again Hines Ward who has caught 747 passes and is still going. John Stallworth is in second on the list with 537 receptions.

Receiving Touchdowns
It should surprise no one, especially fans of the Steelers, that the career leader for receiving touchdowns is Hines Ward. Ward’s 70 career touchdown receptions place him ahead of John Stallworth’s 63, Lynn Swann’s 51, and Buddy Dial’s 42.

Longest Reception
When it comes to longest reception in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, finally we see the names of Hines Ward and John Stallworth disappearing from the list. The longest reception in history for the Steelers is 90 yards and three players have accomplished this feat. Bobby Shaw only played three seasons (1999-2001) for the Steelers and only caugh 92 passes while there. One of them though went for 90 yards and has placed him in the Steelers team record book. Dwight Stone was a popular Steelers receiver for a number of years. He spent time as a kick returner, briefly as a running back, and then as a receiver where he caught a 90 yard pass. The third member of this group with a 90 yard reception is possibly the most unusual. During his rookie season in 1981 this player came into the game in a position he normally didn’t play and caught a 90 yard pass from Terry Bradshaw that would help lead the Steelers to a 24-21 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. That player was backup quarterback Mark Malone and that was the only reception of his career.

No player wants to set their team record for career fumbles, but Louis Lipps leads this category with his 21 career fumbles while with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hines Ward and John Stallworth dominate most receiving categories for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but there are many notable players that at one time or another lined up in a receiving position for the team, including: Louis Lipps Lynn Swann, Elbie Nickel, Buddy Dial, Plaxico Burress, Roy Jefferson, Yancey Thigpen, Charles Johnson, Ray Matthews, Bennie Cunningham, Eric Green, Dwight Stone, Val Jasante, Ron Shanklin, Gary Ballman, Santonio Holmes, Frank Lewis, Jim Smith, Antwaan Randle El, Ernie Mills, Courtney Hawkins, Heath Miller, Randy Grossman, Bobby Shaw, Weegie Thompson, Mark Bruener, Chris Calloway, Jay Riemersma, and Terance Mathis.

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