The Chicago Bears Best Head-to-Head Records

The Chicago Bears have been a professional football team since 1920. In that time they have played every opponent the league has come up with, even many of the teams that no longer exist. Which ten teams though do the Bears have the best head-to-head records against?

Chicago Bears best head-to-head records:

27-8-1 vs. Eagles (77.1%)
16-7-1 vs. Steelers (69.6%)
57-26 vs. Cardinals (68.7%)
6-3 vs. Jets (66.7%)
2-1 vs. Ravens (66.7%)
35-18 vs. Buccaneers (66%)
27-16-2 vs. Giants (62.8%)
6-4 vs. Chiefs (60%)
3-2 vs. Jaguars (60%)
6-4 vs. Bills (60%)

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  1. We’re gonna crush the Bills at Toronto! We need this win after losing against Redskins so everyone needs to be there! Bears Rule!

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