The Cleveland Browns’ Amazingly Successful Start As A Franchise

The Cleveland Browns have experienced some very low moments as a franchise. Many modern NFL fans don’t understand though that the team had one of the most amazing starts of any franchise in the history of the NFL.

The Browns started as members of the All-American Football Conference in 1946. They won the league championship of the AAFC in each of the four years that the league existed. This would include the 1948 season in which the Browns went undefeated and untied on their way to the championship victory.

After the AAFC merged with the NFL to start the 1950 season, the Browns would win the championship of the NFL too. They would lose the 1951, 1952, and 1953 league championship games before winning back-to-back championships in 1954 and 1955. Yes, in each of the Browns first ten seasons in football, they would make it to the league championship game. In fact, the Browns would not experience their first losing season until their 11th year in pro football. They then would not have another losing season until 18 years later in 1974.

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