The Dallas Cowboys All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

Having a running quarterback can sometimes change the way a game goes dramatically, but there are not that many really good running quarterbacks out there. In the history of the Dallas Cowboys, who has gained the most yards rushing at the quarterback position? The answer is the legendary Roger Staubach.

Roger Staubach rushed the ball 410 times for 2,264 yards during his career with the Cowboys. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry, 17.3 rushing yards per game, and scored 20 rushing touchdowns. His longest run from scrimmage was 33 yards. On the Dallas Cowboys all time rushing yards list he ranks 10th, just ahead of Ron Springs and just behind Marion Barber and Julius Jones.

Where do other Cowboys quarterbacks rank on the team’s all time rushing yards list?
13th – Dan Reeves (1965-72)
17th – Don Meredith (1960-68)
21st – Troy Aikman (1989-2000)
25th – Steve Pelluer (1985-88)
31st – Quincy Carter (2001-03)
33rd – Danny White (1976-87)
46th – Tony Romo (2005-09)
50th – Craig Morton (1965-73)
59th – Eddie LeBaron (1960-63)
70th – Randall Cunningham (2000)
77th – Drew Bledsoe (2005-06)
79th – Chad Hutchinson (2002-03)
88th – Gary Hogeboom (1982-85)
96th – Kevin Sweeney (1987-88)

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