The First Win In Jacksonville Jaguars History

The Jacksonville Jaguars came into the National Football League in 1995 as an expansion team along with the Carolina Panthers. Like most expansion teams, success did not come right away for Jacksonville, although they did not end up having to pay their dues like some teams have. One of the things that the fans, players, coaches, and front office of a brand new team looks forward to the most is the team’s first win. For the Jacksonville Jaguars that would come on Sunday, October 1st, 1995.

The Jaguars were on the road with a record of 0-4. They had traveled to Houston to meet the Houston Oilers in the Houston Astrodome. The Jaguars jumped out to a lead when Ryan Christopherson scored ona one yard touchdown run. Mike Hollis added a 22 yard field goal to give the team a 10-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. That was it for the scoring for awhile for Jacksonville as two second quarter field goals from Oilers kicker Al Del Greco, one of 29 yards and one of 53 yards, would take the game to halftime with the Jaguars leading 10-6.

The second half started with more scoring from the Oilers as they added a touchdown on a 17 yard pass from Chris Chandler to Rodney Thomas. When Al Del Greco added a 32 yard field goal in the fourth quarter, that put the game at 16-10 in favor of the Oilers and it looked like another loss for the first year Jaguars. Before the game ended though, quarterback Mark Brunell hooked up with wide receiver Desmond Howard for a 15 yard touchdown and the Mike Hollis extra point made the game 17-16 giving the Jacksonville Jaguars the first win in their history.

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