The Five Best Kicking Seasons By A Dallas Cowboys Kicker

The Dallas Cowboys have had a very successful run during their time in the National Football League. This is due to the fact that they have had good talent at a number of different positions over the years.

One position that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is kicker. Here is a look at the five best seasons put up by a Dallas Cowboys kicker.

#1 – 1995 – Chris Boniol
The 1995 Dallas Cowboys went 12-4, finished first in their division, and went on to win the Super Bowl. Their kicker that season, Chris Boniol, attempted 28 field goals and made 27 of them, for a field goal percentage of 96.4%. He did miss two extra points that season, but because of the high powered offense he attempted 48, so that isn’t too bad.

#2 – 1997 – Richie Cunningham
1997 saw the Cowboys put up a record of 6-10, but it wasn’t because of their kicking game. They were actually 6-5 at one point before losing the last five games of the season. This was the last season that Barry Switzer was the head coach of the team. Richie Cunningham was the kicker that year and he made 34 of 37 attempts for a 91.9 field goal percentage. He was also perfect on his extra point attempts, 24 for 24.

#3 – 2008 – Nick Folk
In 2008, the Cowboys went 9-7. This was Wade Phillips second season as the head coach of the team. This was also the kicker Nick Folk’s second year in the league. He would do really well, making 20 of 22 field goal attempts for a 90.9 field goal percentage. At 42 for 42, he was perfect on his extra point attempts.

#4 – 1996 – Chris Boniol
Chris Boniol makes his second appearance on this list, thanks to the results he was able to achieve in 1996. This was the year following their Super Bowl victory and saw the team go 10-6 again. They beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round of the playoffs before losing to the Carolina Panthers the next week. Boniol would make 32 of his 36 attempts for a percentage of 88.9. He would make 24 of his 25 extra point attempts, or 96%.

#5 – 1987 – Roger Ruzek
1987 was not the best season in Dallas Cowboys history. They were 5-9 at one point before winning their final two games to go 7-9 for the season. Roger Ruzek was the kicker for the team that year and he would make 22 of his 25 field goal attempts for a 84.8 field goal percentage. He would hit 26 of 26 extra point attempts, so he was good there as well. Ruzek would only play in 12 of the team’s 16 games that year though. The kickers that would fill in for the other games were Kerry Brady and Luis Zendejas.

Incidentally, the worst field goal percentage a Dallas Cowboys kicker ever put up over a full year was 33.3%. That happened in the team’s second year in pro football, 1961, when Allen Green made just five of the 15 field goals he attempted. Of note though is that he made 19 of 19 extra point attempts. This would be Green’s only year in pro football.

The worst full year a Cowboys kicker ever had from an extra point perspective came in 1979. That year, Rafael Septien made 40 of 44 extra point attempts for a 90.9 percentage.

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