The Five Best Kicking Seasons In New England Patriots History

The New England Patriots have been playing professional football since 1960 and have had both good stretches of football and bad.  Through that time they have also had some great kickers too.  Who have the most successful kickers been over the course of a full season though?

#1 – 2008 – Stephen Gostkowski
In 2008, Gostkowski went 36 of 40 (90%) and also was 40 of 40 on extra point attempts for a total of 148 points.

#2 – 2004 – Adam Vinatieri
Adam Vinatieri kicked for the Patriots for a number of years and in 2004 he made 31 of 33 kicks (93.9%) and all 48 extra point attempts, for 141 points.

#3 – 2002 – Adam Vinatieri
Vinatier makes the list again as in 2002 again made 90% or more of his kicks by going 27 of 30 and also making all 36 extra point attempts for a total of 117 points.

#4 – 1997 – Adam Vinatieri
Adam Vinatieri is back again because he made 86.2% of his kicks in 1997 by going 25 of 29 on field goals and 40 of 40 on extra points for a total of 115 points.

#5 – 2009 – Stephen Gostkowski
In 2009, Gostkowski made 83.9% of his field goal attempts (26 of 31) and made all 47 extra point attempts for a total of 125 points.

Interesting notes:

-In 1980, John Smith was 51 of 51 on extra point attempts.  This was the first time that a Patriots kicker had made more than 50 extra point attempts in one game.  Stephen Gostkowski topped this in 2007 when he went a perfect 74 of 74 on extra point attempts.

-In one of the worst performances in team history, Gino Cappelletti made just 8 of 21 field goal attempts (38.1%) during the 1960 season, the Patriots first year in football.

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