The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a great professional football franchises since their inception back in the early days of the National Football League.  Over the the years, they have had great seasons, played in big games, and even won a good amount of championships.  They have also had some great players during their time in the league.  Some of those great players have even been kickers.

From that group of great kickers though, who have had the five best kicking seasons in Pittsburgh Steelers history?

1993 – Gary Anderson
In 1993, Gary Anderson, one of the best kickers of all time, would successfully make 28 of 30 field goals during the seasons.  This gave him a field goal percentage of 93.3%.  He would also make 32 out of 32 extra points.

2007 – Jeff Reed
In 2007, Jeff Reed would prove his worth by making 23 of 25 kicks for a field goal percentage of 92%.  He would also go 44 of 44 on extra point attempts.

1997 – Norm Johnson
1997 would see kicker Norm Johnson make 22 out of 25 attempts which would give him a field goal percentage of 88%.  He would also successfully make every extra point attempt, finishing 40 for 40.

2009 – Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed is another great Steelers kicker and in 2009 he made 27 of 31 field goal attempts for a field goal percentage of 87.1%.  He was also 100% accurate on extra points, making 41 of 41.

1983 – Gary Anderson
In 1983, Anderson was successful on 27 of 31 attempts for a field goal percentage of 87.1%.  He made 38 of 39 extra point attempts that season as well.

Some of the other successful kickers the team has had over the years include Roy Gerela and Kris Brown.

Interesting note:  On the other end of the spectrum, Art Michalik attempted 12 field goals for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1955.  He was successful on just one of them.  He was also successful on just nine of the 15 extra point attempts he tried that year.

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