The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Titans / Oilers History

One of the highest pressure jobs in football is kicker. The kicker has to wait on the sidelines and then enters the game for just a few plays per game where all attention is on him. Be successful and the team gets three points. Fail and the other team gets the ball.

The Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans have had some great kickers over the years. What were the five best kicking seasons in team history though?

#1 – Al Del Greco – 1998
1998 would see Al Del Greco have the best year of his career as he would make 36 of 39 field goals. This game him a 92.3% field goal percentage. He also had a 100% extra point percentage, making 28 of 28 tries.

#2 – Rob Bironas – 2007
Rob Bironas would earn a 89.7% field goal percentage in 2007 when he made 35 of 39 attempts. Particularly impressive was the fact that he went 4 of 5 that year from beyond 50 yards. He would also go 28 of 28 on extra points.

#3 – Rob Bironas – 2008
The very next year, Bironas would make 29 of 33 attempts for a field goal percentage of 87.9%. He would again be perfect on extra point chances, going 40 for 40.

#4 – Gary Anderson – 2003
The great Gary Anderson would briefly play for the Titans, and in 2003 he would have a terrific year. He would make 27 of 31 field goal attempts, a field goal percentage of 87.1%, and go 42 of 42 on extra points.

#5 – Al Del Greco – 1995
Al Del Greco would put up an 87.1% field goal percentage himself in 1995, going 27 of 31 on field goal attempts. He would also get 100% on extra point attempts, making 33 of 33 tries.

An interesting note:

One of the worst kicking seasons ever in team history came in 1968 when kicker John Wittenborn made just four of 13 attempted field goals for the year. This would give him a field goal percentage of 30.8%. He would however be perfect in extra points, going 11 for 11.

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