The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Washington Redskins History

One part of a football team that many fans, and unfortunately many NFL front offices and head coaches, overlook is the kicking game. A good kicker can add some serious points for a team over the course of the year. They can make more overall because they are more accurate or they can make more because they have superior leg strength and can kick from farther away. A kicker can have a huge impact on a team’s season and end up being one of the most depended on players on the roster.

The Washington Redskins have had some great kickers over the years, but which one has put up the best kicking season ever. Here we’ve ranked the top five kicking seasons in Washington Redskins history.

#1 – 1982 – Mark Mosely
In 1982, Mark Mosely made 20 of 21 field goal attempts for a field goal percentage of 95.2%.

#2 – 2009 – Shaun Suishman
In 2009, Shaun Suishman made 18 out of 21 field goal attempts, giving him a field goal percentage of 85.7%.

#3 – 2005 – John Hall
John Hall made 12 of 14 field goals during the 2005 season for a percentage of 85.7%.

#4 – 2007 – Shaun Suishman
In 2007, Suishman would again make the list by making 29 of 35 attempts for a field goal percentage of 82.9%.

#5 – 1996 – Scott Blanton
1996 saw Redskins kicker Scott Blanton make 26 out of the 32 field goals he attempted. This gave him a field goal percentage of 81.3%

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