The Five Best Rookie Running Backs In Denver Broncos History

The Denver Broncos came into pro football in 1960 in the first season ever of the American Football League. Over the years, they have had some great running backs carry the ball for them. Finding a good running back is one of the toughest jobs for any football team, but finding a good rookie running back can be particularly hard.

Here is a look at the top five Denver Broncos rookie running backs in team history.

#5 – Bobby Humphrey – 1989
In 1989, Bobby Humphrey became the first rookie running back ever for the Broncos to pass the 1,000 yard rushing mark. He finished the season with 294 carries for 1,151 yards and seven touchdowns.

#4 – Terrell Davis – 1995
Terrell Davis is one of the greatest running backs in Denver Broncos history and his effectiveness was evident even in his rookie season. This future Super Bowl MVP carried the ball 237 times for 1,117 yards and seven touchdowns that season, even though he only played in 14 games.

#3 – Olandis Gary – 1999
In 1999, Olandis Gary came out of nowhere to show that the injury to Terrell Davis wasn’t going to be as painful to th team as first expected. He played in just 12 games that season, but carried the ball 276 times for 1,159 yards and seven touchdowns.

#2 – Mike Anderson – 2000
The very next season another rookie running back came along and had a great year in Denver. Mike Anderson carried the ball 297 times for 1,487 yards and 15 touchdowns that year. Not too bad for a sixth round draft pick.

#1 – Clinton Portis – 2002
Clinton Portis was a 2nd round draft pick in 2002 and came on in a big way. It took him 273 carries to amass 1,508 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns. His 5.52 yards per carry average is the highest for any Broncos rookie running back ever with at least 50 carries.

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