The Five Best Rookie Running Backs In Kansas City Chiefs History

The Kansas City Chiefs are a great franchise and have had a lot of successful years. They started in 1960 as one of the founding members of the American Football League and have reached great heights in the NFL too. The running game has always been an important part of the Chiefs offense, but finding a good running back is hard. Finding a good rookie running back is even harder.

Here is a look at the top five rookie running backs in Kansas City Chiefs history.

#5 – Herman Heard – 1984
In 1984, Herman Heard played in all 16 games and carried the ball 165 times for 684 yards. He also scored four rushing touchdowns that season.

#4 – Mike Garrett – 1966
Mike Garrett was a very popular player in Kansas City and he was very effective right from the start. In his rookie year in 1966 he ran the ball 147 times for 801 yards and six touchdowns. That’s an average of 5.45 yards per carry.

#3 – Robert Holmes – 1968
Robert Holmes was not highly thought of coming out of college and the Chiefs were able to get him in the 14th round of the draft in 1968. He would carry the ball 174 times for 866 yards and seven touchdowns that season.

#2 – Abner Haynes – 1960
In their first year as a football team, while they were known as the Dallas Texans, the franchise was blessed to have young Abner Haynes who would go on to have a great career in the American Football League. He finished the season with 156 carries for 875 yards and nine touchdowns. His 5.61 yards per carry is still the highest average of any Chiefs running back ever who had more than 100 carries.

#1 – Joe Delaney – 1981
Joe Delaney’s story is a tragic one, having drowned at a very young age while trying to help others. In his rookies season of 1981, Delaney had carried the ball 234 times for 1,121 yards and three touchdowns. He was the first Chiefs rookie to ever have a 1,000 yard season.

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  1. Todd Tobias says:

    Abner was a great one. Mack Lee Hill, another tragic story in Chiefs history, was another who was on his way to greatness before he passed.

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