The Five Best Running Back Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys have been extremely successful in the NFL, pretty much from their early days in the league. One of the main ingredients to the Cowboys teams of the past has been great running backs and productive rushing seasons. With all the men who have suited up for them at the position though, who has put up the best running back seasons ever?

Here are the top five best running back seasons ever for the Dallas Cowboys.

#5 – Herschel Walker – 1988
Herschel Walker might be most famous to Cowboys fan as the player that was sent away in the trade that enabled the team to build their early 1990’s dynasty. He was a good running back though too and he showed it in 1988 when he carried the ball 361 times for 1,514 yards and five touchdowns.

#4 – Emmitt Smith – 1991
Emmitt Smith was in just his second season with the Cowboys when he had his first 1,000 yard performance. He finished that season having run the ball 365 times for 1,563 yars and 12 touchdowns.

#3 – Tony Dorsett – 1981
In 1981, Tony Dorsett was in his prime and he had a great season for the Cowboys. This season included 342 carries for 1,646 yards and four touchdowns. Having played in all 16 games, this meant Tony Dorsett was the first Cowboys running back to ever average more than 100 yards per game.

#2 – Emmitt Smith – 1992
Emmitt Smith is probably the best running back the Dallas Cowboys have ever had and in just his third season he showed a glimpse of what was still to come. That year he carried the ball 373 times for 1,713 yards and 18 touchdowns.

#1 – Emmitt Smith – 1995
By 1995, Emmitt Smith had been in the league six seasons and some wondered if he was going to start to wear down. He responded by having his best season ever. He would run the ball 377 times, a team record, gain 1,773 yards, another team record, and score 25 touchdowns, more than any Cowboys running back ever had before.

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