The Home Stadiums Of The Detroit Lions Over The Years

The Detroit Lions are one of the older franchises in the National Football League. They got their start in 1930 and through the years have had some great players and played in some big games. Here is a look at the stadiums they have called their home during that time.

Universal Stadium (1930-1933)
The Portsmouth Spartans, the original name of the Detroit Lions, played in Universal Stadium in Portsmouth, Ohio from 1930 to 1933. The stadium was built in 1930 and held approximately 8,200 people. Amazingly, the stadium still stands and is in use, though it now goes by the name Spartan Municipal Stadium.

University of Detroit Stadium (1934-1937)
With growing attendance, the team needed to leave its small stadium and small town behind them and relocated to Detroit, becoming the Detroit Lions. In need of a place to play, they negotiated use of the only sizable football stadium in the city at the time, University of Detroit Stadium. This stadium was built in 1922 and was intended for the use of the University of Detroit Titans football team, who did play there until football was dropped by the school in 1964. The stadium hosted the 1935 NFL Championship Game that saw the Lions defeat the New York Giants 26-7.

Tiger Stadium (1938-1939)
The Lions moved to the much larger Tiger Stadium, known at the time as Briggs Stadium, briefly in 1938 and spent two seasons playing football in a classic baseball stadium.

University of Detroit Stadium (1940)
The Lions returned to University of Detroit Stadium for one season in 1940.

Tiger Stadium (1941-1974)
The Lions would return to Briggs Stadium in 1941 and play their through the 1974 NFL season. Beginning in 1961, the stadium would be known as Tiger Stadium. The football field would be laid out mostly in the outfield area and temporary stands would be brought in.

Pontiac Silverdome (1975-2001)
The Lions were in much need of a new stadium and wanted badly to move out of Tiger Stadium in the early 1970s. The Pontiac Silverdome was built as a multi-sport and multipurpose stadium, but it was primarily built to be home for the Detroit Lions who would play their home games there for more than a quarter of a century.

Ford Field (2002-Present)
The Detroit Lions moved into Ford Field, an indoor stadium seating 65,000-70,000, in time for the opening week of the 2002 NFL season. Ford Field is a state of the art indoor facility that should keep the Lions in a good place for years to come.

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