The Longest Touchdown Passes Ever Given Up By The Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are an old and accomplished franchise. They have won multiple league titles and have had some of the truly great players in league history wear their jerseys. Every team gives up a big play now and then though. The trick is not letting it get you down. With that in mind, what is the longest touchdown pass ever given up by the Colts?

On October 16th, 1966, the Baltimore Colts were hosting the Detroit Lions. In the fourth quarter, Lions quarterback Karl Sweetan would connect with receiver Pat Studstill on a 99 yard touchdown play. This is not only the longest passing touchdown ever thrown against the Colts, it is tied for the longest ever in league history. Not only did the Colts not let it get them down, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game in anyway as they were comfortably ahead and would win by the score of 45-14.

Here is a look at the top five longest passes given up by the Colts.

#1 – 99 Yards – 1966 Detroit Lions
Karl Sweetan to Pat Studstill
Colts 45 – Lions 14

#2 – 95 Yards – 1996 Buffalo Bills
Todd Collins to Quinn Early
Colts 13 – Bills 10

#3 – 91 Yards – 1978 Dallas Cowboys (tie)
Roger Staubach to Tony Dorsett
Cowboys 38 – Colts 0

#3 – 91 Yards – 2001 New England Patriots
Tom Brady to David Patten
Patriots 38 – Colts 17

#5 – 88 Yards – 1971 New England Patriots
Jim Plunkett to Randy Vataha
Patriots 21 – Colts 17


  1. Jim R says:

    What people don’t remember is that Sweetan replaced Milt Plum who was injured in the previous play. So, his first play from scrimmage, Karl threw the “bomb” to Studstill

  2. Mark says:

    Great added fact! Thanks Jim!

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