The Most 100 Yard Games In Rams Running Back History

The Rams are a proud franchise that has seen both successes and failures all through their existence, including time playing in three different cities: Cleveland, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. During that time they have had some great running backs. A 100 yard game is often used as a milepost in judging if a running back has been successful or not. Who has gotten the most 100 yard rushing games in Rams history?

The most 100 yard games by a Rams running back in history is 38 and they belong to the great Eric Dickerson. Dickerson came out of SMU and took the early 1980’s NFL by storm with his blazing speed and serious power. He only lasted with the Rams for five seasons before moving on to the Colts via trade, but he left his mark all over the record book.

Here is a look at the top five Rams running backs in history based on how many 100 yard rushing games they had for the team.

Eric Dickerson – 38

Marshall Faulk – 27

Steven Jackson – 23

Lawrence McCutcheon – 22

Jerome Bettis – 11

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