The Most 1000 Yard Receiving Seasons In Raiders History

The Oakland Raiders have been a wildly successful football franchise at a number of different times during their history. The team came into being in the American Football League of the 1960’s and went on to win league titles in that decade, as well as multiple other decades too. They did this by putting together great teams with great players, including receivers.

One of the ways to measure a receiver’s productivity is to see how many 1000 yard seasons they were able to put together. Who has the most 1000 yard receiving seasons in Raiders history?

Three players have achieved a 1000 yard receiving season for the Raiders one time, they are Fred Biletnikoff, Mervyn Fernandez, and Randy Moss.

Three players have also achieved a 1000 yard receiving season for the Raiders twice, they include Warren Wells, Cliff Branch, and Jerry Rice.

Two players have broken the 1000 yard receiving mark in a season three times as members of the Raiders, they are Art Powell and Todd Christensen.

The player who sits high above them all though is wide receiver Tim Brown who between 1993 and 2001 put together nine consecutive 1000 yard receiving seasons.

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