The Most 1000 Yard Rushing Seasons In Cardinals NFL History

The Arizona Cardinals are a proud franchise with a lot of history. The team started in Chicago, moved to St. Louis, and now resides in the desert of Arizona. Throughout that time they have had some great players, including some well respected running backs.

Breaking the 1,000 yard mark in the NFL is not an easy thing to do and is usually looked upon as one of the better accomplishments that a running back can have during their career. The best running backs in NFL history tend to rack up multiple seasons of breaking the mark. Through the 2016 season, ten different players have rushed for more than 1,000 yards in a season for the Cardinals.

The leader in the category by far is Ottis Anderson. Anderson came to the Cardinals out of the University of Miami in 1979 and was a 1,000 yard rusher in five of his first six seasons with the team. He would eventually move on to the New York Giants where he would win a Super Bowl MVP Award, but he is still remembered as one of the best running backs the Cardinals have ever had.

In second place on the list is another all time great at running back, though this one came to the Cardinals after having success elsewhere. Other than Ottis Anderson, Edgerrin James is the only player to have multiple 1,000 yard seasons for the team. He accomplished that feat in both 2006 and 2007.

As of 2016, eight other players have had 1,000 yard seasons for the Cardinals one time each, they are John David Crow in 1960, Jim Otis in 1975, Stump Mitchell in 1985, Ronald Moore in 1993, Garrison Hearst in 1995, Adrian Murrell in 1998, Beanie Wells in 2011, and David Johnson in 2016.

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