The Most 3000 Yard Passing Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys are not one of the franchises that can trace it’s existence back to the early days of the National Football League, but they are still one of the most storied franchises around. The Cowboys have had some great teams and have even won multiple division titles, conference championships, and even Super Bowls. Part of what has made them so great is the long list of great players that have played for them.

The Cowboys have always prided themselves on having a good quarterback. One of the traditional ways to measure a quarterback’s performance is by how many 3,000 yard seasons they have had. Here is a look at the top Cowboys quarterbacks ever ranked by the amount of 3,000 yard seasons that they had for the team.

#1 – Troy Aikman – 5

#2 – Danny White – 4

#3 – Tony Romo – 3

#4 – Roger Staubach – 2

#5 – (Four Players Tied With One)
Drew Bledsoe
Quincy Carter
Steve Pelluer
Vinny Testaverde

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