The Most Career Passing Touchdowns Thrown Against The Colts

The Colts are a very proud franchise who have experienced a decent amount of success during both their time in Indianapolis, as well as while they played in their original city of Baltimore. Over the years other teams have experienced both success and failure against the Colts. Who though has thrown the most career touchdown passes against the Colts franchise?

-With 25 career touchdown passes against the Colts, Drew Bledsoe sits in fourth place on this list.

-In third place is longtime Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly with 28 touchdown passes.

-Another Buffalo Bills quarterback, Joe Ferguson, has thrown the second most touchdown passes against the Colts. He is just three ahead of Kelly with 31.

-The player who has thrown more touchdown passes against the Colts than any other player in history though is Hall of Famer Dan Marino. During his career, Marino threw 54 touchdowns against them.

The Colts have been really good, really bad, and even somewhere in the middle during their history. The quarterback who has experienced the most success against the team by far though is Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins.

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