The Most Career Touchdown Passes Thrown Against The Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins have had a great history in the National Football League. Over the years they have been very consistent and regularly post winning seasons. They have won division titles, conference championships, and even Super Bowls.

How successful have others been though when playing against the Redskins? A good way to measure this from a quarterback standpoint is to take a look at the opposition’s touchdown passes. Here is a look at the top six quarterbacks ranked by how many career touchdown passes they have had against the Washington Redskins.

#1 – Charlie Conerly – 38

#2 (tie) – Donovan McNabb – 27

#2 (tie) – Jim Hart – 27

#4 (tie) – Tommy Thompson – 25

#4 (tie) – Phil Simms – 25

#4 (tie) – Randall Cunningham – 25

Interestingly, before moving on to play for the Redskins, the team Donovan McNabb had thrown the most touchdown passes against in his career had been the Redskins.

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