The Most Career Touchdowns Scored Against The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have been one of the class act franchises in the National Football League since they came into pro football in the early 1960s. Throughout the team’s history they have played in some big games and also always prided themselves on having a tough defense. Who though has scored the most touchdowns in history against the Vikings?

Playing in the division they have and against the regular opponents they have for so many years has definitely had an impact on who has scored the most against them. Sitting on top of that list though is the legendary Pro Football Hall of Fame member Walter Payton with 18 career touchdowns scored against Minnesota. Payton had a great career and the Vikings brought out the best in him.

Here is every player that has double digit touchdowns scored against the Minnesota Vikings for their career.

#1 – Walter Payton – 18

#2 – Lenny Moore – 12 (tie)
#2 – Barry Sanders – 12 (tie)

#3 – Gale Sayers – 11

#4 – Jerry Rice – 10 (tie)
#4 – Leonard Thompson – 10 (tie)

Notable info:
Only Leonard Thompson from that list is not a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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