The Most Passers In 2007

Here is another interesting look at last years passing leaders. This time lets tackle it by team. Which team had at least one pass thrown by the most different players. We’re looking at quarterbacks, back up quarterbacks, kickers, punters, wide receivers, running backs… hey, we’d even accept the rare tight end option pass play if we could find a team that ran it. Anyway, the team that had at least one passing attempt by the most players is… the Minnesota Vikings!

In 2007, the Minnesota Vikings had passes thrown for them by 7 different players:
Tarvaris Jackson
Kelly Holcomb
Brooks Bollinger
Sidney Rice
Chris Kluwe
Mewelde Moore
Chester Taylor

This was the winning team by a long ways as there were no other teams that had passes thrown by 7 players… or even 6 players. The next closest was a tie between the Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears who each had 5 players attempt passes for them during the 2007 season.

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