The Most Sacked Quarterbacks In Philadelphia Eagles History

Quarterback is the glamour position in the NFL and gets most of the attention. Quarterbacks not only get attention for accomplishments and achievements, they get attention for the bad stuff too. One of the bad stats that quarterbacks get blamed for is quarterback sacks, though they are sometimes unavoidable.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had some great quarterbacks over the years, and even though the quarterback sack is a stat that wasn’t tracked until the late 1960s, which Eagles quarterbacks were sacked the most?

Here is the top ten list of most sacked Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks.

1. Randall Cunningham – 422 sacks
2. Donovan McNabb – 357 sacks
3. Ron Jaworski – 344 sacks
4. Roman Gabriel – 97 sacks
5. Rodney Peete – 77 sacks
6. Bobby Hoying – 63 sacks
7. Ty Detmer – 46 sacks
8. Mike Boryla – 45 sacks
9. John Reaves – 44 sacks
10. Norm Snead – 42 sacks

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