The Most TD Passes By A Chicago Bears Rookie Quarterback

The Chicago Bears are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. Over the years, there have been some great players who have played for the team too. That includes at quarterback. Being successful at quarterback is hard enough. Being successful at the position as a rookie is something else entirely. Mitchell Trubisky is getting his shot with the team this year. I wonder if this list will need to be updated because of him?

Chicago Bears Rookie QB: Most TD Passes In A Season

Zeke Bratkowski (1954) – 8

Cade McNown (1999) – 8

Jim McMahon (1982) – 9

Kyle Orton (2005) – 9

Charlie O’Rourke (1942) – 11

Chicago Bears Rookie QB: Most TD Passes In A Game

Bob Avellini (1975 vs. Saints) – 3

Mike Hohensee (1987 vs. Eagles) – 3

Cade McNown (1999 vs. Redskins) – 3

Cade McNown (1999 vs. Lions) – 4

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