The Most TD Passes By A Detroit Lions Rookie Quarterback

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. Over the years, there have been some great players who have played for the team too. That includes at quarterback. Being a successful quarterback in the NFL is hard enough. Being successful in that position as a rookie is even harder.

Who holds the Lions team records for TD passes as a rookie?

Detroit Lions Rookie Quarterbacks: Most TD Passes In A Season

The Detroit Lions have had six rookie quarterbacks in their history reach double figures in touchdown passes in a season.

Fred Enke in 1948, Jeff Komlo in 1979, and Charlie Batch in 1998 all finished their rookie seasons in Detroit having thrown 11 TD passes.

In 2002, Lions rookie quarterback Joey Harrington threw 12 touchdown passes.

The most TD passes thrown in a season by a rookie quarterback wearing a Detroit Lions uniform is 13. This was first done in 1947 by Clyde LeForce. It was duplicated in 2009 by Matthew Stafford.

Detroit Lions Rookie Quarterbacks: Most TD Passes In A Game

A number of rookie Detroit Lions quarterbacks have thrown two touchdown passes in a game over the years. This includes Matthew Stafford, Karl Sweetan, Rodney Peete, Mike McMahon, Greg Landry, Jeff Komlo, Todd Hons, Joey Harrington, and Charlie Batch. One though topped that by far. In a win over the Browns in November of 2009, Matthew Stafford threw five touchdown passes as a rookie for the Detroit Lions.

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