The Most Touchdown Passes By An Oakland Raiders Rookie Quarterback

Over the years, the Oakland Raiders franchise has had their fair share of great quarterbacks. Ken Stabler was the face of the franchise during the 1970’s and before that Darryle Lamonica was lighting up the league. George Blanda made it into the Hall of Fame and saw part of his career played at quarterback and kicker for the Raiders. Jim Plunkett was a cast off from other teams who came to the Raiders and helped them win two Super Bowl titles. Rich Gannon would also be ver successful as a quarterback for the team too.

None of those great players played as rookies for the team though.

So, who has the most touchdown passes as a rookie quarterback for the Raiders?

The most touchdown passes in one game for the Raiders by a rookie quarterback is three, and was done by five different players.

For a whole season though, one player stands out above the rest. Steve Beuerlein sits in second place as he connected for eight touchdown passes during his rookie year for the team in 1988. Tom Flores, a man who would eventually go on to coach the team, threw for 12 touchdowns in 1960 which was both his rookie year and the team’s first year in professional football.

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