The New York Giants Career Leaders Are All Recent Except For One

The New York Giants are one of the most famous teams in pro football history. Over the years, they have had great players like Phil Simms, Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor, Charlie Conerly, Kyle Rote, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Morris, Rodney Hampton, Amani Toomer, and Tiki Barber. The Giants have some big names in their team record book, and most come from recent years… but not all.

-The team leader for passing yards is Phil Simms who played for the Giants during the 1980s and early 1990s.

-The team leader for receiving yards is Amani Toomer who began his career in 1996.

-Tiki Barber, who joined the team in 1997, is the Giants’ career rushing yards leader.

-Toomer and Barber both also are the career leaders on the team for receiving and rushing touchdowns as well.

-Understandably, Phil Simms is also the career leader on the team for touchdown passes.

All of these records are held by players who have been in the league since the 1980s. the Giants have had some great people associated with the team throughout their history though, surely a major record holder would’ve come from the early history of the team.

The New York Giants began as a team in 1925, and during their first six seasons they had five different head coaches. Despite this instability at the top of the team, the Giants did still manage to put up some very good years during that span including seasons with records of 11-1, 13-4, and 13-1. In 1931, Steve Owen would become the team’s head coach. He would keep the job for 23 years before retiring following the 1953 season. Over the course of his time as the New York Giants head coach, he would rack up 151 wins. This puts this old timer at the top in the category of New York Giants winningest head coach. To put these numbers in a little perspective, following the 2008 NFL season, the Giants had 618 career wins as a franchise, with Owen being the head coach during nearly 25% of them.

There are a lot of newer faces at the top of the Giants record books, but head coach Steve Owen shows that the boys from way back knew a bit about winning football games too.

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