The Overtime Touchdowns Of The Dallas Cowboys

The NFL instituted an overtime rule in 1974.  Before that, when a regular season game ended with a tie score it was just that, a tie game.  Needless to say, since then most overtime games are decided by field goals.  Some teams in fact only have one or two overtime touchdowns scored in their history.

The Dallas Cowboys have scored overtime touchdowns six times in their history.  Here is a look at those games and the players who scored them.

1975 – Cowboys 37 – Cardinals 31
Roger Staubach connects with Billy Joe DuPree from three yards away.

1977 – Cowboys 16 – Vikings 10
Quarterback Roger Staubach keeps it himself and gets into the end zone from four yards out.

1987 – Cowboys 23 – Patriots 17
Herschel Walker scampers for 60 yards and a game winning touchdown.

1995 – Cowboys 23 – Vikings 17
Emmitt Smith tears off a 31 yard touchdown run in overtime for the win.

1999 – Cowboys 41 – Redskins 35
Troy Aikman hooks up with Rocket Ismail on a 76 yard touchdown pass.

2009 – Cowboys 26 – Chiefs 20
Tony Romo connects with Miles Austin from 60 yards out for the Dallas win.

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